Texas, California and Florida recently set records for the increase of COVID-19 cases. With the coronavirus crisis continuing, the Governor of Texas has decided to halt the state’s reopening until further notice.

Unfortunately, Texas Governor Greg Abbott was recently faced with a difficult decision.  With COVID-19 case numbers continuing to increase in the state of Texas, the idea of a reopening is currently dangerous.  For the best interest of residents and visitors of the state, Gov. Abbott has decided to postpone the state’s reopening at this time.  It is his intent that this move will potentially lead to a decrease in COVID-19 case growth in Texas and the southern United States.

Samuel Botros supports Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to postpone the reopening of Texas.  Although it was a difficult decision, Abbott’s official move is what is best for the safety and health of the public.  Hopefully, this decision will assist in lowering COVID-19 case increases both in the state of Texas and the United States overall.