According to a recent study conducted by European researchers, an individual’s blood type may be linked to the severity of experienced COVID-19 symptoms. The study also suggests that there are a variety of genetic factors that might be at play.

In Europe, a team of researchers analyzed the genes of over 4,000 individuals infected with COVID-19.  In particular, the study focused on those experiencing severe symptoms.  As a result, the following findings were uncovered:

  • Patients with blood type A were 45% more likely to contract severe COVID-19 symptoms than those with other blood types
  • Patients with blood type O were 35% less likely to experience the same severity in symptoms of COVID-19

What does this tell medical professionals and the public?  To Dr. Samuel Botros M.D., these findings suggest a way for doctors to better understand how to treat their patients.  With the knowledge of a patient’s blood type on hand, preparation for how to treat the illness may become simpler.  However, with research still underway, it is unclear if this will prove to be a trend or something more.