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Dr. Samuel Botros M.D. is a respected and award-winning OB GYN.

*Samuel Botros is currently volunteering locally to assist with the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Internationally-trained, Dr. Botros is equipped with extensive experience cultivated throughout his 25+ years as a physician.


In 1988, Samuel Botros established the foundation of his career in medicine by enrolling at AIN SHAMS University Medical School in Cairo, Egypt.  His education at AIN SHAMS encompassed 7 years total, acting as a combined University and Graduate program. Dr. Botros graduated from the Egyptian medical institution in 1995 with Bachelor degrees in Medicine and Surgery.

Dr. Samuel Botros M.D. maintains State Medical License 036118893 and practices as an OB GYN in the state of Illinois.


Following his graduation from AIN SHAMS University Medical School, Samuel Botros solidified his specialties with the completion of medical residencies. These experiences assisted Dr. Botros in cultivating a specialized focus as an OB GYN physician. In 2005, his medical training took him to Brooklyn, New York, USA with an Internal Medicine Residency at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. 

Dr. Botros’ specialization as an OB GYN was then further established by an OB/GYN Residency at Mount Sinai Hospital. During this four year residency, he stood as Administrative Chief Resident at the hospital.

Honors & Awards

Samuel Botros M.D. Mt-Sinai-HospitalThroughout his 25+ year career in medicine, Dr. Samuel Botros M.D. has been honored by numerous awards of recognition.  Highlighted honors and awards include:

  • Kaplan Honor Medical Society – 2004
  • Best Teaching Resident, Mount Sinai Hospital – 2007
  • Certificate of Excellence in Teaching Medical Students – 2008

Additionally, Dr. Botros is also a proud member of the American Medical Association (AMA).  Founded in 1847, AMA is the largest association of physicians and medical students in the USA.  All encompassing, AMA members include both MDs and DOs who practice in a variety of areas of specialization.  Samuel Botros M.D.’s professional expertise is strengthened by his AMA membership. His fellow members enrich his expertise by offering him inclusion in a constantly evolving and growing network of specialty-crossing medical professionals.

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