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Dr. Samuel Botros vaccine surplus

Millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses are nearing expiration 

Across the country, states are sitting on a surplus of COVID-19 vaccine doses. Unfortunately, the expiration dates for those doses are fast approaching. Dr. Samuel Botros discusses the issue: Despite the rising infection rates in states throughout America, millions of vaccine doses are sitting away…...
Dr. Samuel Botros COVID vaccine
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How to Find a COVID Vaccine Site Near You! 

The vaccination against COVID is finally here — and officially available to everyone, regardless of age, profession, or geographic location (in the US, of course). But you may be asking yourself: how do I find a COVID vaccine near me? Dr. Samuel Botros shares how,...
Samuel Botros covid vaccine
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Will there be annual COVID vaccine boosters? 

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently stated that an additional dose of the COVID vaccine may become necessary. But what does this look like, both in the long and short term? Samuel Botros explains: Across the country, COVID vaccines are becoming more and more accessible.  The roll...
Samuel Botros New Hampshire
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The State of COVID in NH 

Things may be looking up for residents of New Hampshire! This week, no new COVID-related deaths were reported on Friday. Samuel Botros shares the news: It’s a small victory, but Dr. Samuel Botros, MD is hopeful that this is a step in the right direction. ...
Samuel Botros President Biden
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COVID-19 relief and plans from POTUS and GOP 

This week, President Joe Biden and a group of 10 GOP senators met to discuss COVID-19 plans. Together, they decided that additional negotiations on coronavirus relief are imperative. A bipartisan agreement on what’s next in tackling COVID-19 in the United States is well underway.  After...
samuel botros thanksgiving
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Stay Safe This Holiday; Avoid Gatherings 

Dr. Samuel Botros urges his patients, family and friends to stay safe during the Thanksgiving holiday. Avoid gatherings with anyone outside of your household, to stop the spread of COVID-19. Experts are expecting COVID-19 infection rates to soar after this week, due to Thanksgiving related...
Samuel Botros Arizona
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The State of COVID-19 in Arizona 

Arizona, once a hot spot for COVID-19, has seen an incredible decline in cases of the virus. No small feat, this sudden shift is thanks to the state’s proactive efforts to keep cases low. Dr. Samuel Botros discusses what attributed to this massive accomplishment: The...