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Samuel Botros MD - Young People

COVID-19 Linked to Stroke in Healthy Young People 

A large vessel stroke is affecting otherwise healthy young people with COVID-19, according to a study conducted by New York University’s Langone Medical Center. Healthy young people with no preexisting health conditions and no risk factors for stroke may now be at increased risk if...
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US Makes Up Over 50% of COVID-19 Cases 

The numbers are in. The US toll of COVID-19 cases currently makes up more than half of total cases worldwide. But with front line healthcare workers fighting hard — Dr. Samuel Botros, MD believes that there is hope on the horizon. The United States is...
Dr. Samuel Botros M.D. COVID-19

ACEIs/ARBs and COVID-19 

Are hypertension patients taking ACEIs/ARBs at increased risk of COVID-19 complications? A study published in JAMA Cardiology suggests that hypertension patients undergoing ACEIs/ARBs treatment are not at increased risk for negative COVID-19 outcomes. Dr. Samuel Botros M.D. discusses the recent study. Thanks to data analysis...